Add support for iOS "Time Sensitive" notifications

With iOS 15, it’s possible for apps to tag certain notifications as “Time Sensitive”. It would be useful to have Doorbell Button Push notifications classed as Time Sensitive, and motion detection, classed as not Time Sensitive.

This would mean that the user could, if they wanted to, configure a Focus Mode in iOS, so that for Motion Detection alerts only appear in the notification summary instead of always popping up, if the user wants to configure a Focus mode in this way. For me this would be very handy, as the motion detection alerts are often just me walking down the drive, or someone walking their dog, but they are still of interest, just lower priority than the doorbell being pushed (especially if I am driving, or have Do Not Disturb enabled on my phone).

Of course some users will always want to receive all notifications as alerts in iOS, which they can still do if they just turn off whatever Focus Mode they have switched on, or configure iOS to always push all Eufy Security notifications immediately, whether they are Time Sensitive or not.