Add scheduling to automation triggers

Add scheduling to automation triggers please.


Yes couldn’t agree more please.

I have my cameras set to no record-no notify for when we’re in the yard during the day… but the camera still detects motion as the automation trigger and starts recording on other cameras :man_facepalming:t2: (which is what I want at night only…but can’t do it) !!!

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Would be nice, if you can add the status due the automation. So the automation = when area is status away and sensor open then alarm at cam 1 and so on.

Yes please +1

Any update on this. I’d like a door sensor to activate an alarm as an automation but obviously not when I’m in Home mode…

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Still no Update

Piggy backing off of this, it would be great to be able to specify which mode (s) an automation is active in.
For example, door sensors only trigger camera record in “away” mode