Activity zones working the wrong way around?

So I got my Eufycam pointed downwards and to the right as far as possible viewing my parking spaces next to the sidewalk and the activity zones are set up on the parking spaces so they should only react to movement on the parking spaces itself and not on movements on the sidewalk or street.
The resulting notifications are almost exactly the other way around, every time someone walks on the sidewalk which is outside of the activity zones I get a notification. But when I walk onto my parking space untill I’m next to my car, no notification. Untill I walk about 2 meters close to the camera it doesn’t wake up.

I’m wondering if the activity zones are meant to trigger the camera when there is movement inside or outside the zones? Also my doorbell which is viewing the driveway at the other side of the house is working almost perfect with activity zones.

This photo is showing the zones:

This photo is showing the activity that is triggered:

I would like to see some kind of statement from Eufy on about how to solve and if they are working on a solution, as it seems to affect a lot of people. Also I read some reactions from people saying it used to be better before the last update, so just go back to the previous calibration?

Please fix this Eufy!


same issue, can you please fix it

I’m getting the same. Can this be fixed?