Activity Zones not working with Sensitivity?

I currently have my Flood Light Sensitivity set to the highest level with Activity Zones setup. Why am I getting notification for motion outside of the Activity Zones?

Just bought the 2k Battery Doorbell.
ACTIVITY ZONES DO NOT WORK, was going to purchase the 2K standalone cameras when back in stock. Glad its out of stock as I will not buy it now and instead read reviews on cameras with working actvity zones.

I have set activity zones to cover the end of our driveway, so not even to include the main footpath and yet everyone who walks along the path (which is alot morning as you can imagine) prompts alert. Have set sensitivity high and low also. Human mode only.

The battery usage is insane because of this. 80 alerts in one day. Battery down to 90% after 1 day. So much for 6months battery life. What a joke.

I can not recommend this product and will be advising all others to stay away.

Only had this a few days, will try to return