Activity Zone? Slow Record Battery Doorbell?

Looking for input. Battery doorbell is very hit or miss on detecting human motion. Usually catch the Amazon delivery person walking away. Anyone done testing to determine the best settings for detecting motion? Seems like the camera is just too slow to record. I am not using activity zones. I am not using Ai but rather all motion. Sensitivity is one from the highest. Optimal Settings selected. Would Activity Zone help? If so is smaller or larger zone better? Should I use Ai? Very frustrating. Seems like the motion sensor/recording is always late which makes it pretty useless for monitoring your front porch for deliveries, etc. Without this working reliability it just becomes a really expensive doorbell with a less than optimal intercom.

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Would use Activity zone and human A.I. If your running off battery then sensitivity level 3 other wise you may get to many false activity or 4 if you have low traffic area otherwise battery may drain. You will have to test and see what’s best for you but definitely use activity zone.

Activity zone maybe bit smaller then you need if in high traffic area.

I left mine on optimal setting as the customisation setting seem to drain the battery more for me.

You will get days where it will pick up late and days where pick up quicker depending on the lighting.

Have a look at tutorial pin to the forum as well may help a bit.

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I really want to like there products aswell. Won’t be buying anymore for now.

I still got a older wired camera 10 feet up. Think with eufy you need a second back up camera system.

My Doorbell seem to be picking up humans but can be picked up at the last moment before doorbell is pressed.

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I’m in the same boat. I want to like them, but having to be a beta tester when I don’t want to is upsetting. Also the slow response as far as fixes. Once a month or so is not fast enough for the number of issues they have. I guess I could have a thread of its own for how I feel.

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Better of trying to hardwire it then.

Any other brands you been looking at cam or doorbell ?

Been looking at reolink. Looks ok.