Activity Zone - request feature to change shape

I don’t know about you, but not being able to rotate a square activity zone (45° for example) makes things pretty inefficient. You run out of your 4 zones quickly and also have silly gaps. Surely a rotate or option for polygonal is more than capable.


The doorbell has a 6 point activity zone making it very easy to adjust to property boundaries etc.

This needs to be added to all cameras


Yeah I would also like to see this on all cameras as well would make it alot easier to set activity zones.

Surely its just a software change Eufy need to make to included it for all cameras


Thanks for that. Crikey, is the doorbell can do it, then yes surely the other hardware could handle this as an update. Thanks for letting us know.

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Absolutely agree. I just put up 2 cam 2c and the rear cam activation zone is not an issue as such because i can set it ok. But the front cam has to be up high due to the building design to keep it out of reach. Due to the angle of the picture i can’t set the activation zone not to cover the footpath and also have to have it set to all motion as at night with the exterior lighting the camera cannot distinguish night mode or human just all motion.
Would have thought it should be done as the wired door bell can do it as you say.


Definitely need this. It’s impossible if you have a diagonal street view


When is this request going to be implemented?