Activity Zone on eufy cam2

Hi. Does anyone know if activity zone works at night?
I’ve had mine setup but it’s still picking up cars driving past. What’s the point of having activity zone if it doesn’t work at night??

Do you have multiple zones set up or one big zone? Try breaking up to smaller zones

If you have ‘human only’ set, during night all motion is detected, not just humans.

It’s only 1 small zone.

I know that. My question was, does motion zone work at night? If it doesn’t, then what’s the point.

Right. Well, what’s the weather like? I feel like they do work, but when there’s a lot of bugs, little blossom from trees or other stuff that’s physically in front of the camera, it triggers more often.
So it could be the motion from the top right corner, outside a zone triggered the camera. But if something is inside the zone that’s big enough, the camera would record the entire event nontheless.

Yes, I understand that. It picks up passing cars beyond the activity zone set. The funny thing is the camera picks up people walking past in the activity zone but it never pick up the postman dropping of mail :grin:.

What’s the sensitivity of the camera?
And also, did you put the zones in a way that there’s some space between the zone and the place people walk by?
I have that with my doorbell, if its activity zone is too close to the walkway, it picks up people walking there, outside the zone.