Activity Zone Improvements

I’ve just migrated over from Nest which had a couple of features that are missing and causing some real pain points when trying to set up notifications.

Firstly creating the areas using more than just a rectangle would be a great improvement. Currently, I have loads of little squares coving the area I’m after. Having customizable vectors with additional points (ie. 8) would be ideal. Equally, I suspect the overhead to all these zones would be affecting detection performance.


Secondly, I would like to set up the camera to record in all the activity zones I’ve set up, but I don’t always want it to notify me unless movement is detected in certain activity zones. E.g. someone walks past the end of the driveway versus someone walking down the driveway, I wouldn’t want the first notification but I would with the second. Being able to set up notifications based on individual activity zone would be another big improvement.


I’ve seen these issues raised in other threads but never raised as a wishlist item. It would be good to get some other thoughts on the improvements of Activity Zones and their notifications.

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