Activity Zone Broken, 2 Pro 2K

I sent eufy support an email with attachments showing how activity zones are broken an a 2 Pro . I sent a screenshot of the activity zone and videos. The activity zone is set only to my yard on my side of the sidewalk. It doesn’t even include the side walk, easement, or street. However, cars and bicycle riders on the far side of the street keep triggering motion event recordings. The activity is so far outside of the activity zone I set that it’s ridiculous. There are no shadows from the cars that enter the activity zone, and they are slow-moving, so they don’t generate a breeze that would cause motion within the zone.

Eufy’s response is to set the detection mode to Human Only. No, they need to fix Activity Zones. I don’t want Human-Only detection. I want to record the cars in the driveway, the animals in the yard, etc. Plus, human detection often fails to detect humans, so their suggestion would guarantee that I miss some human activity.

I’ve deleted the zones and recreated them, toggled detection off and on, turned camera off and on, and rebooted the HomeBase. Last step is factory reset the camera.

I’m experiencing the same frustration, 2c aiming at the drive from the garage, activity zones set to only my property. Human only detection is not appropriate since I want to see who/what is parking on my drive before they get out…

A car can go by on the street 20 or more feet from where the detection zone stops and it will set off the camera. I’ve dumbed the Zones down so much (pulled them further within my boundary and reduced sensitivity) that when my friend parked on my drive yesterday the camera didn’t trigger until he got out and the person detection kicked in. I have it set to all motion.

So cars going by outside the all movement detection Zone trigger the camera and a car rolling up on my drive, inside the detection zone, doesn’t. Makes no sense.


I’ve got it angled down as far as the outdoor mount will go. The street is at the very top part of the camera’s view. The bottom half is my yard. When I angle it further down while holding it in place, the PIR wouldn’t reliably detect people walking up the driveway until they were already at the garage (tested with son, and the cameras is to the side, so when people walk up the driveway, they’re moving across the cameras view, not sure towards it).

Honestly I’m not surprised. I have one 2 Pro eufy cam but just have it set to human only. But given all the issues. I recommend start spamming the review posts of the products on popular sites etc. then maybe they will actually do something about the faulty software and applications they promote to do what it doesn’t.

@Jake117 I put mine to all motions and see what happens. Apparently something happens in my neighborhood last night and I don’t have anything on the cameras to help

This is what Reddit is saying on the update.

@Mengdi @eufy_official how about you make a section or give us the information to what these System and Subsystem Firmware updates are doing because apparently your creating more issues in the process. An just continuing to ruin the experience of the number 1 thing, the customer…

I submitted negative reviews on the Best Buy site for the 2-camera kit (2 Pro model), and they didn’t publish it. I did get a generic form email from BB thanking me for the review. I then submitted about negative review for the individual add-on camera, because it bought 4 of those, and thensame happened; review wasn’t published,but I got a thank you email. This cam is only available at BB right now, so there’s nowhere else to leave negative reviews.

Amazon… just found this. Well do this then give them a positive rating with shitty review lol.

eufyCam HomeBase 2 firmware and eufyCam 2/2C 2.6.2

For HomeBase 2

  1. Solve the issue that the camera prompts need to be re-added occasionally.
  2. Solve the issue that there may have some blur pixels in eufyCam 2C images.
  3. Solve the issue that some of the cameras may not respond when HomeKit is enabled.
  4. Optimize the success rate of face detection when pressing the doorbell.

No release note for eufyCam 2, but overexposed HomeKit snapshot has been fixed. Hopefully, the battery life is also improved as I only get 1.5 months with eufyCam 2 and HomeKit Secure Video (Optimize Battery Life).