Activity/ignore zone useless

I keep getting false triggers at night on 2 separate bushes 10 feet apart. The bush isn’t even in the “activity zone”, heck I even put a red ignore box around it and I still get false triggers on it. I have the motion dectection set to only to the 2nd lowest, where it’s supposed to be human and near things. Also if you did fix the Ignore box, having the option to have multiple ignore boxes instead of just 1 would be nice. Eufy what do I do now? I am pretty sure I have the settings correct.

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I haven’t seen any “ignore” box options on any of the cameras I have. (Is it ​a doorbell specific option?)
AFAIK, if you add detection box(es), everything outside those boxes is ignored… You might be confusing the camera by mixing detection and ignore boxes.
Maybe try removing ignore boxes and see if that improves the situation?