Activation Zones

Hi, can someone advise on the attached image. The camera is still picking up every car on the road even with the sensors at 4.

Have you tried switching in motion detection to human only instead of all motions.

I have the same issue, does not matter if set to all motions or human only still picks up people walking on the pavement!
Would be nice if the zones can be tuned i.e shapes or smaller boxes.

Yes, I set it to that first and it just didn’t seem to pick things up.

To me you would think you would put the activation zones over areas you don’t want to detect as this is what you do on very high end security systems

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Makes complete sense. ‘Block’ the area you don’t want to monitor.

I have the same issue. Activity zones do not work at all reliable. On one cam seems to be fine now after having changed the zones again and again. But on the other 2 cams impossible to setup it correctly. I also have cars on the street which are detected all the time even they are outside of any zone.
Persons only is not a solutions as e.g. Kids on a bike are not detected when they cross my yard.

I hope this can be all fixed with the next firmware of software updates? Activity zones is so important to use cams efficently and everything becomes uselesss without this.

Cheers Chris

The zones did not work for me also. Home base 2 and cam 2.

Giving that a go now. A car just set it off straight away. I’ll stick with it though. You may be right.

That didn’t work either. Poor zone areas.

i removed my activity zones, came out of the app and re-set them again, so far seems to be working, sort of…

You can invert the zone to do exactly that via HomeKit.

You can make smaller boxes by grabbing the white dots and resizing.