Activation zone upgrade to 6 points

Hello, can I suggest a simple update to the homebase 2 and 2C cams, currently the activation zones have only 4 movable points so a square or rectangle is the only shape possible. On the indoor cams you are able to manipulate a 6 pointed hexagon to almost any shape you need, this would be much better also on the 2C cameras as those straight lines are pretty useless when the road is at say a 45 degree angle to the camera.


Hey Jaykay, I have to agree that the rectangular activity zones are not always efficient enough. I have the same 45-degree situation that you have. I’m afraid however that this is by design, and that changing this is quite difficult on embedded systems.
Calculating whether something is inside a rectangle is extremely simple when comparing to the same calculation inside of a hexagon (performance wise).

They have already done it for the 2k indoor cam, the software exists, they just need to port it over to the homebase and cams

Sure, from a source code perspective this is easily done. My doorbell has it too. If you do a feature request, you may get an official standpoint from eufy on this.

I have mentioned it to customer support, they said they would pass it on, ive submitted feedback and posted it here, hopefully they will notice.

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Maybe eufycam 3 will have it :slight_smile:
We’ll see next year hopefully.