Access to Doorbell events via PC

Is PC access to Doorbell events a feature. I love the dual cam doorbell and recommended it to my father who still uses an old flip phone so the app is not an option. The Homebase hub would be on his local network so for him it would be required for him to access events via PC direct from the Homebase local storage.

Even when I looked at signing up for cloud storage service it states that the doorbell events cannot be viewed because the local storage encryption.

I love my devices other than that because it should be very simple to access the files but this sucks!!!

If you are even mildly technical you can install the Bluestacks app on a PC. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that lets you run most Android programs on a PC. Once you have that program installed, download the Eufy security app from Google Play and your have exactly the same view of the app you have on a phone or tablet.

Bluestacks pushes up a few gaming ads when it loads, but after that, it leaves you free to run any Android program you want. Bluestacks is free but if you are going to use it make sure you get it directly from There are other fake sites that will push malware laden downloads out to you.

I have had best luck using Windows 8 and the older version 4 of Bluestacks. Its the easiest to install and get running with the Eufy app. I have used Bluestacks 5, the current version, but it requires more setup.

My father is not that tech savy and I shouldn’t have to put an emulator on his PC that makes it even more difficult. Why can eufy Programmers meet the users needs?

I am sure his neighbor sold him on Ring already.

My thought is they should have a VPN connection to the HomeBase even if it be on the local network to allow for the encrypted stream. I have worked will many gifted coders.

I think that Eufy has a lack of developer talent. They can’t even bring out minor updates without breaking existing functionality. They chose to only allow access through the app, which is a safe way to implement their system, but doesn’t give the customer the access they want. Don’t expect that will change.