Access HomeBase recordings from the browser

Is there a way to access the recorded videos saved in the HomeBase from the browser?

You need the app to decrypt your videos, so direct browser viewing isn’t available unless you port your videos using RTSP to a separate storage device.

But you have to login to the account on the app anyway. Why can’t it be decrypted on the browser as well then if you also have to log in to the account?

What about connecting the HomeBase to the PC, is there a way to access the recordings as haven’t checked that yet?

A random browser isn’t set up to hold the Eufy’s authentication keys and keep them refreshed.

The Homebase isn’t accessible from a PC directly. You can run the Eufy app on a PC using an Android emulator. I use Bluestacks on a dedicated
PC and run the Eufy app on it. That way, you can save your video clips to Windows on demand. It doesn’t let you do any mass downloads but work fine for everything I do.

Ok, thank you for help