Acces by unknow (pan and tilt)


During lunch with my children I saw the camera (pan & tilt) moving, but motion detection is not active. It also didn’t rotate 360°. Started from the point I set it up, then turned until I only whas visible at the table and turned back.
My camera records 24/7. Yet that moment was not recorded for 40 seconds.
Can you please tell me the reason for this?

I don’t think I was hacked, my camera wasn’t even active for 24 hours at that time. And I used a new password just for the ‘eufy security app’, and my password is not saved on my phone either.
On my phone, I have several anti-hacking programs so I don’t think this could be the reason. Another person is registered as a guest, the father of my children. And he had not joined the app at the time. Nor does that explain the 40 seconds lost during recording, the exact moment my camera turned.

Is there any way to change the software? So that every IP address that has had access to the camera is visible, without any option to delete that registration.

Could someone gain access from Eufy?


At this time already a few hours… Solid red. Even when ‘eufy security app’ is closed, on my phone and that of my husband. We both restarted our mobiles together and nevertheless it stays unchanged. :fearful:

Try resetting the camera by holding the sync button down for 10 seconds.

Also, check the About Device and look at the date of the latest firware update. You may have gone through an update that didn’t complete. If the dates aren’t recent, try clicking on Check for Firmware Update.