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I want a smart lock for Christmas my kids always losing there keys smh

@Mengdi, only one wish in a whole year? Maybe if you complete the description and guidelines and refer to the category from other categories?

On a positive note, the one wish appears to come true as long as you’re in the USA😉

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My wish is for Eufy to ditch the ‘6 months on a single charge’ and use proper wi-fi. That works over long distances. Wi-fi works through a lot of barriers.

Eufy’s proprietary system does not work very well at all and, sadly, for that reason I returned my two-camera kit. A great pity as the AI motion detection is streets ahead of those based on PIR.

I do like the No subscription - No cloud that Eufy has although I’d be worried about a thief stealing the base unit and thus I’ve lost my record of him/her breaking in.

I want to download direct from local storage without using my android phone. It takes forever and burns up my battery.

My Wishlist:


“Smoke/ Heat detector” conntect with Homebase

“Water detector” conntect with Homebase - Protection against leaking aquarium or flooded basement

A louder Siren in a Single device (100 dB(A)


Option :CAR recognition

No Connection Alert : Send a concealed Signal every Minute to the app. 5 Minutes no Signal, then Message to User ( good to detect, when there is a power failure )

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Instead of just the binary “Rotate video 180 degrees” slider, I want the option to at the very least adjust in 90 degree increments. Ideally however I want a dial that lets me manually determine the degree of rotation required