Ability to add webhooks as an automation action

Now that the app supports creating automations based on triggers (e.g. doorbell pressed) it would be really nice if there would be a way to create HTTP (GET/POST) requests as an action based on that trigger.

That way users can easily integrate their eufy-system in their already existing home-automation systems.

It would be really nice if the request could also include the details of the specific event (e.g. as a json payload) including the device details (serial), the event which triggered the action and if available a URL to the snapshot.


Sounds like a really nice idea. I agree with you to put that in the wishlist.

Yes, agreed. It would be very easy to implement (a real API would be even nicer but that is way more expensive).

Just an example: The Homebase sound of the doorbell is way to soft and most people have little luck keeping the old chime: for most it keeps on ringing, especially if it is an electronic one. It would be so nice to link the doorbell to IFTTT or home automation systems so you can add extra functionality.
Current integrations for Homey, Home Assistant, etc use workarounds based on e.g. push notifications, which come in way later than I’d like.

Every night and every morning I turn off/on my automations. Let’s start with that simple task. Can’t imagine any real human would do this on a regular basis without it scheduled.