A Word from the Wall Light Cam Team

Hi eufy user,

Whether this is your first time with a eufy Security product or you’ve had experience with us already, thank you for choosing Wall Light Cam. We know it will bring you a unique and wonderful experience.

Before the release of Wall Light Cam, we spent over half a year polishing it to get it just right for you. Many users offered their time and feedback to help shape Wall Light Cam into what it is today.

We’d like to share with you some words from some of those involved throughout the development process.

Our Product Team Said:
Before releasing this product, we conducted many months of research, trial, and optimization. During the process of co-creation with users, they repeatedly mentioned 4 highlight moments. We’d like to share those with you:

  1. Friendly and discreet monitoring when installed on a wall
  2. 2K image quality lets you see details of daytime activities
  3. Color Night Vision helps you see faces at a distance in the dark
  4. Multicolored lights add atmosphere to daily life and special occasions

Our Industrial Design Team Said:
We wanted to achieve lighting and ambience beyond traditional wall sconces, and take into account easy installation so users can simply and quickly DIY install Wall Light Cam. We compared dozens of solutions and materials before choosing a strong and reliable plastic material that achieves the perfect balance of light transmission and diffusion as well as being extremely durable. The large and curved light surface maximizes strength and overall light coverage. When the light is on, you will find that its effect and reach exceed expectations.

Designed for Peak Performance:

  1. Perfect Camera Angle: The camera lens is angled to provide maximum coverage for a head-to-toe view of visitors.
  2. Large Lighting Area with Greater Illumination: Dual lights provide 1,200 lumens of brightness.
  3. Two Tunable Curved Light Panels: Set a color to create a beautiful shimmering reflection on your walls.
  4. Durable Device: The main body is made of IP65 weather-resistant plastic. The entire machine from the lampshade to the back shell is completely waterproof and will not leak. MTBF tests show that it can run for more than 60,000 hours, even in extreme weather, which is equivalent to 6 years of uninterrupted use.

Our Beta Testers / Co-Creators Said:

“It seemed like a very good concept, I have 12 cameras around my house, so it might seem like I’m overprotective. But actually eyes of the camera, it’s incognito. You can’t see the camera. So that was the main thing that I like.” - Jonathan Bello

“I think the daytime was fine. Like, it’s daytime, you have a good picture. I think it was also awesome at night when people were going by, and I could see how clear it was. At first, it was a color, and then switched over to say it was blue, and then, like, somebody walking in front, and then it switched the floodlights, the bright light, and the capture. I was like, oh, that’s awesome.” - Erich

“It was recorded when my wife forgot to lock the garage door, and the lighting over Christmas was amazing. - Ian Floyd

WLC only captures 2 or 3 events (in a day) because it effectively filters out all the vehicles that I’m not interested in. So it saves a lot of time for people to find important things faster. The light is very bright and the motion detection is perfect. When the light comes on when people are close, they can be seen in the video. Because their eyes are attracted to the light and want to see why it just turned on, it illuminates their faces nicely.” - Christopher

Camera response time and quality is very excellent. Night Vision mode is very nice. The sound is very loud and I like it. I think that’s one of the key things, the key differentiators with your product that a lot of the competitors don’t have, it is a lot brighter than most of all lights I’ve seen of that type that’s led-driven and not a floodlight. Quality and detection, smart detection being good on the camera is a good selling point. The fact that you can angle it as well is that’s not something you see in a lot of cameras or a lot of lights.” - Alex

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Thank you again for your support of eufy products. We know that the best way to thank you for your support is to keep building better products to give back to everyone.

Feel free to check out the comment section below for answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any suggestions for the product, please let us know HERE.


[Frequently Asked Questions, edited on April 12]

Q1: Does the Wall Light Cam support HomeBase 3?
A1: We will release a new version of our app that supports HomeBase3 in the middle to late April. Contact us at support@eufy.com to experience it in advance. Please note this update will support Expanded Storage for Events recording. However, AI-related functions are temporarily not supported. Please keep an eye on our further announcements.

Q2: I noticed a small gap in the mounting base after installation, and the side screws are difficult to install.
A2: This is because the position or rigidity of the wires within the mounting base does not allow enough space for the parts to fit together. Please rest assured that the gap will not affect daily use. Kindly follow This Guide for a flawless installation.


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