A system with a mind of its own

I like the Eufy 2C system I have, but I just wish it would behave consistently. I’ve posted before about cameras mysteriously going off-line only to return later with no intervention from me and now it’s motion detection. If I’m working in the garden the cameras track me and produce alerts, unless I’ve remembered to snooze them, but yesterday there was an intruder in the garden in full sight of two cameras for 2-3 minutes, neither of which detected him. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t expect an answer from Eufy, as their support seems to be in decline, but it would be helpful if anyone else has experienced the same and has managed to fix it.

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Well they should answer it. @AnkerSupport you need to be looking into these issues before someone has their home destroyed by thieves or something.

I’ve only had my two 2C cameras for a few days and if you’re using iOS I recommend trying out adding the cameras to HomeKit.

I currently do this precisely because of the issue you’ve mentioned. Sometimes HomeKit will record stuff that Eufy’s app doesn’t, and it’s nice having both just in case.