503 on the camera when switching camera settings

I’m facing issues while changing settings on my eufy cam 2 camera. It constantly says 503 or 502 error and the settings will not change.


Same here on 2 seperate EufyCam Systems. Tried 3-4 times & eventually it changed settings.

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I’m also having issue with 503 when I turned off my camera and go to turn it back on it’s throwing up 503 and won’t turn on can someone help :sos:

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Servers arnt working

yes, having the same issue

Also having the same issue today

Same 503 issue today. My first Eufy and it seems like I picked a bad server day to install the camera.

Is there no status page to confirm if it’s Eufy’s issue or our device issue? There should be some ETA on outage. I see response from Users but not Eufy.


I still have this problem. Anyone else?