500 error when trying to link Google home

I am able to install the eufy security app,
When I try to link my account to Google home I get a 500 error after submitting the 2 factor code that it forces you to add…
Do to this I can not link my account to Google home.

Is the service down?

Having this same issue with trying to link a Floodlight Camera to Google home, HTTP 500 error after inputting forced 2FA code. Seems alot of folk are having similar issues with Alexa too.

Same issue here.

In the Alexa thread, someone mentioned chatting with Eufy and they said it is/was an Alexa problem.

Very unlikely as Google also has issues.

Will try it again later.

Same issue. Not a great solution. It should not be this hard at all.

I was able to create the link just now.