5 piece alarm system external alarm

Could you please make an external box for the alarm as I gave just fitted one although the system is great the alarm is very quiet and wouldn’t scare a thing.

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This needs to be done asap I’m my opinion. It should have been done months ago when the alarm became available.
The Homebase siren is useless.

What is even more useless is the fact that the alarm keypad can NOT arm/disarm multiple homebases. And that makes the Eufy alarm system kit freaking useless. Homebases are the glue that keeps the eufy ecosystem together. They sell the alarm kit with a homebase, the outdoor camera kits with homebase, the battery doorbell with a homebase. And yet the alarm keypad with its whole purpose is to make the Eufy security system like a typical security system, can only arm a single homebase. Eufy needs to add a Master/Slave relationship to the app where you designate 1 Homebase as the Master that gets to automatically control all the other slaves. Homebases are important as they don’t just provide storage, but they also extend connectivity. So multiple Homebase homes will be the rule not the exception. And yet the alarm keypad can only control one of them? And you have to go to the app to arm/disarm the others? It’s crazy! It’s like the product powers that be have not thought this thru.

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I’m hoping they allow automation with the floodlight camera so that it sets off the siren on that when the alarm goes off, it doesn’t sound like a difficult thing to do!

I’m surprised that isn’t the case already. But Eufy is more like a home automation system that happens to have some security features than a full featured security system. Hopefully that gets fixed eventually, but it might be a while.

I get what your saying but why sell an alarm kit then ?

The funny thing is making these software changes to the Homebase will sell a ton of product which it will be good for Eufy (that change alone will make their keypad and alarm kit extremely useful and IMO a must have).

It should not be too difficult to program to designate one homebase as the master that then automatically controls the settings of the other slave ones (like arming and disarming them when the master gets arm/disarm, or sound the alarm when the master gets triggered the alarm). There has to be communication between the homebases. Plus Eufy needs to make sure that all their currently available products as well as future ones are always Homebase compatible. It’s what builds a great ecosystem.

Eufy makes outstanding hardware. They just need to focus on software that truly matters for that outstanding hardware instead of wasting time on 20sec delayed video streaming on Google Hub/Alexa which IMO is useless.

Well put, I agree.

I agree with you, improved software integration would be a huge plus. The streaming features to home assistants with video would be nice if it was an extra thing after other features were done instead of a primary focus.

A loud intimidating additional alarm with flashing lights … That’s a must for the near future! A feature I would definitely expect from a security system!

I tried to find a workaround. If there only would be an eufy smart plug I could trigger with the system, to plug in a random not smart siren and flash light. But no …

Any ideas?

The floodlight cam would be ideal, has a siren and flashy lights. All they need to do is configure an automation link.