4 x new Eufy 2c cams won't connect

So just bought brand new 2 camera 2c set with homebase 2, and 2 extra 2c cameras. Not one of the 4 cameras will connect. Homebase 2 has been reset, removed and re added, each camera reset numerous times (5 presses), app uninstall ex and reinstalled, tried app on Samsung s10 and my huawei tablet.
All beeps happening, homebase 2 flashes blue when trying to find cameras but cannot find cameras
Left it last night then reinstalled again this morning, exactly the same.
Router is Virgin latest with 300mb speed

Hours I’ve now spent on this

My previous arlos, 15 min max to set up! .
This needs to go in the fu**ing bin. Why not just connect by scanning qr codes

I also have a cam 2 arriving next week, what is the point if I can’t connect

Hoping for an enjoyable easy set up, fat chance, anybody gather I’m a bit frustrated!!!

Have you turned off 5ghz on your router.

Nope, but anything else I’ve added (recently 4 smart plugs that only work on 2.5ghz for Xmas lights outside) connect immediately, and connecting the homebase 2 after initial wired set up, then to wireless worked fine. It shouldn’t be this hard.