3D printet cap - idea?

Has anyone thought about ex. a 3D printet raincover? Like a cap, that sticks out and covers the camera from the rain?
Very interested😅

I don’t have the eufycam, but this should be easy to design.

You could try designing it in blender! There’s a great tutorial for the software on YouTube- which I can link if you’re interested. (Blender is free, and a very powerful tool)

I want this too. I have 2 camera that keep getting rain drops on them, obscuring the feed

If anyone has made any, I would buy for sure

You already have the protective skin:

Looking at these skins I do not see them protecting the lens from raindrops.

Clean the front with a water repellent such as rain-x

Job done.

I purchased these Hikvision Bracket rain shade

to protect my cameras from the sun and the rain they see to work well for the eufy cam 2c

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Saw the skins on the US amazon. What about the european stores?