30+ notifications at once, one hour late

I was putting up my Christmas lights today and I was delighted when my Doorbell pro finally detected motion for the first time ever. However, the android app didn’t notify my until one hour later. At this point I was flooded with notifications. Any reason why? Lol, they are still coming in, I must of walked past the door bell a hundred times. This is going to be a long night.

You may have flaky internet connectivity. This time of year, the internet does get bottlenecked more frequently. I have noticed over the past week that my notifications are slower than normal. They usually run 2-3 seconds behind the event, but now they are up to 6 seconds. Could also be more people setting up Eufy gear and their sever capacity not keeping up.

An hour sounds pretty bad. Was anyone uploading or downloading movies or large files on your connection? A speed test might be indicated.

Also, if you want to temporarily halt notifications for a period of time, use the Snooze button, next to the device setup icon. It’s a bell with a Z in it. When you click on it it will give you some choices for how long you want Snooze to be in effect. Select your choice and hit Save. That way, you won’t have to remember to go in later and turn things back on. When your Snooze time expires, it will go back to normal notifications.