2K Wireless doorbell and Homebase 2 access problems

This has been kind of covered by lots of people but I’m not seeing any one solution. I cannot imagine that EUFY don’t know the root cause of all of this.

OK, I have a 2K wireless doorbell and Homebase 2 installed at my work offices as of yesterday (both devices have been brought up to the latest firmware versions). The Homebase 2 is connected to the network with Ethernet and the wireless doorbell is located about 10m away with strong reception.

The internet connection from my offices is a fibre 100mb/s leased line with no other traffic on it at the moment due to home working of staff.

I have tried connecting from multiple devices (android galaxy S10+, iPhone 10, iPad, iPad Pro, all connected via wifi from my home where I have a fibre connection of 300mb/s up and down.

On this basis there SHOULD be no performance issues for the Homebase 2 to get to EUFY servers and there is no problem for my devices to get there either.

  1. live streaming is hit and miss. First activation nearly never works, but repeated attempts (sometimes 3 or 4 fails first) normally get streaming working for 10 to 30 seconds before video locks up. Quite often video will resume after locking up.

  2. exactly the same behaviour when playing back events.

Are all video events stored on EUFY servers ? If so, they playback from these points to server performance issues or my my network (I have tested rigorously that the latter is not the case).

My gut feeling is that if everything is being served up to the EUFY servers and then back out to my devices the problem has to be with EUFY servers/loading/bandwidth/etc.

Can EUFY/other device users comment on this please? I actually have a WUUK video doorbell myself at home which works perfectly from everywhere (wifi, mobile data, etc) from the same devices, so something is clearly not right.



The videos are stored in Homebase for the battery doorbell version and when you access them on your mobile app you are pulling them from the homebase, not eufy servers. Servers may be checking and granting you the access but the actual video or live stream should be direct from your own devices.
Try few troubleshooting methods like log ou/in to the app, delete/reload the app, restart the doorbell etc.,
If no luck, try contacting support@eufylife.com for any help.