(2K wired) - Is it normal that the motion detection videos has no sound?


I am new here and new in the eufy security world.
I have the eufy 2K Video-Doorbell wired since 3 days now and the follow questions:
Is it normal that the motion detection videos has no sound ?

My Doorbell Firmware is: 2.325

Thank you

It could be the case if the settings in the app are set to not record sound. Can you verify this in the settings?

Can you tell me where I can check this settings for the motion detection videos ?

In the eufy app -> doorbell settings -> audio settings -> audio recording is enabled

Yeah, that’s the setting I was referring to.
So the mic does not work at all, or just when recording motion?

It is just on motion videos.
But I have seen that there is a new Firmware 2.328 out now.
I will try to cut the power firstly, than I will update the new firmware and test it again.

Problem, solved.
Now it works correctly - there is sound on then new motion videos yet.
I don’t know the exact solution to solve this problem, because I was cutting the power from the doorbell and after this I do the Firmware update.

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Good to hear the issue is solved. Did you only do the powercut or also the update before noticing it’s fixed?
Sometimes a big and hard reset of the device solves one or two problems. Count yourself lucky it wasn’t a homebase with many cameras and sensors! :stuck_out_tongue:

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