2k wired doorbell not adding on my eufy app

3 weeks now cannot watch livestream on our doorbell. Did troubleshooting ans resetting and now cannot add on my app. It says transformer isnt compatible need 16 or 30. We have doorbell for 6months now.

I assume you have the wired doorbell, not the battery variant.
You had it wired up before and it all worked correctly? Three weeks ago it stopped working, what exactly, just the playback?
How did you remove the doorbell from the app, using the app, or the sync button on the device?
Now you are adding the device again and the app gives this error?

Correct it it is the wired doorbell and yes it is wired up on our old doorbell and it is working perfectly until 3 weeks ago, when i want to check our doorbell cam it wont load up. I first, tried to restart it about 3x and it still does the same thing. I watched some youtube it says try to remove from the app, tried to add the doorbell on app it wont connect it says transformer NOT compatible upgrade doorbell transformer to 16vac or 30VA

Did you try resetting the doorbell using the sync button? I hear from people that removing in the app sometimes has some unwanted effects…

Yes i did reset from the sync button, waited about god minute. But it does say the same thing. Holefully to geg an answer from Eufy soon.