2K wired doorbell camera - angle

My doorbell is in the worst spot possible for a camera. It faces inwards and away from my driveway/walkway and towards the woods (see attached image). Therefore, I’m trying to figure out if the 2k wired doorbell camera would work for my situation. I’m not sure how wide the angle is but based on the mounting location of the existing doorbell, would I be able to get a good view of someone at the door. If not, what are some install options to where I can get it facing forward and even better, facing towards the driveway.

If you have a decent place to mount one, a camera might be a better option than the doorbell. You could mount it up and to the left so you could catch people as they approach the door.

There are mounting wedges available for the doorbell, but I don’t think any of them would help in your situation.

Another option is to get a battery wireless doorbell and mount it on the other side of the door.

From looking at your situation, I think a camera would give you the best perspective.

Because of the geography of my front porch/door, I use the doorbell, a porch cam, and a motion sensor so that I get good video of anyone coming to the door and avoid false alerts.

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I designed and 3d printed a 45 degree wedge for my doorbell. I have photos but it won’t let me post them.

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