2K Video doorbell stops working once plugged into mounting bracket

Hi all, I have just purchased the 2K video Doorbell and gone through the set up process. It all works fine until I clip it into the mounting bracket. It makes a beep and then goes off. Once this happens, I will have to restart and add the Doorbell again. Am I missing something or doing something wrong. Please help as this is very frustrating.

I would contact support and have them send you a new one. Sounds like a bad internal connection. Send an email to support@eufylife.com with your purchase date, vendor, and serial number and a description of the issue.


Today I had exactly thesame. It turned out my screws and or the wires in the bracket pushed the ‘sync’’ button when clicking the doorbell in the bracket, which was the cause. Very annoying that I had to add the doorbell again, also set all settings again and invite my wife again via the app (she also has the app with her own login).
Very annoying, eufy please fix this, homebase should auto save/and or/ backup the doorbell setting when accidentally holdingthe sync button!
Also, when doorbell is removed you cannot view the videos on homebase, until you add the doorbell again in app. so basically when someone steals the doorbell, you cannot watch the video with the thief , eufy ???