2k video doorbell From Best Buy (wired)

Need help, I was looking at this exclusive doorbell from eufy being sold at Best Buy:
*** I hope my links work***

32 gig memory and 5 days cvr etc…
The specs state it needs 16-24V, 30VA transformer but my question is if it’s constantly recording for 24/7 around 5 days would a 24V, 40VA transformer be better? Or is the 16/30 adequate enough? My current transformer is only 10V, 15 VA. Home Depot sells this Hampton bay transformer :

Or this one from Amazon:

I really don’t know much about all this wiring stuff so please be understanding, I’ve been reading that some ring owners see the 24/40 being more reliable in responsiveness. I don’t know if this is an overkill or not. What has me asking this question is the fact that this eufy camera is non stop recording. Also while on the subject because it’s cvr do you still get notified if it detects motion and if the doorbell gets pushed regardless of cvr? Would the cvr function make the transformer be on all the time and run hot or hotter than normal? Any insight would be appreciated thanks.

P.S. Can 2 people from the same household view the alerts on their iPhones independently from the eufy app?