2K pan/tilt need Homebase connection!

The pan/tilt cameras need to have a connection to Homebase. I am getting too many conflicts by connecting it to the router!!! I have them also connected to HomeKit.

1.Sometimes they appear offline on the app and they are working in HomeKit.

  1. If they disconnect from the network, they take ages to reconnect
  2. I cannot arrange the camera settings due to ‘no connection’ yet the WiFi signal is full and they stream fine ?!?!
    Either a serious firmware update needs to come out or they should just make them able to connect to Homebase. It is really stupid that they don’t.

The overall connection quality compared to the outdoor units is absolutely terrible. I got 2 of them and they both have the exact same problems. I’m sure they have the same WiFi hardware as the outdoor units, so it’s definitely a software issue.