2k pan and tilt

Good morning to one and all. Very pleased to have found eufy as a brand.

My question is regarding the 2k pan and tilt. The reason I have purchased this is to keep an eye on our smaller dog. When we have post delivered through the letterbox he goes absolutely mad and will continue to bark for a good 30 minutes after. I have previously used one of the Amazon blink xt2 cameras from outside to use the 2 way audio to distract him and it’s worked 9/10 times.
So to the question.
Are there any settings in particular that I should be using and will it pick him up on motion tracking.

Or if people can give recommendations based on personal experiences.

My warmest thanks.
Kevin. (Owner of a noisy :dog:)

Have seen dogs do this on AFV… funny stuff ! ( for me anyway ) I don’t have any pets.

You have pet detection on that cam I think (without me looking). Wouldn’t that detect your puppy? Or just regular “all motion”?