2K Indoor Vs 2K Pro Indoor/Outdoor

other than the 2k pro indoor/outdoor being wireless (battery), weather resistant and homebase dependent, does it vary much from the 2k indoor in terms of picture quality, or functionality? according to the specs and youtube vids both cameras seem to be very close in pq and functionality, is this the general consensus?

also, i’m assuming the mobile app and web browser is the same for both cameras? regarding viewing live footage, because the 2k indoor is wired i’m assuming the live feed can be viewed / monitored without problem just like any other security camera?


Hello again @rob1263. I’m guessing you’re leaning towards the indoor wired version?

The indoor 2K cameras work well. Picture quality is similar to the outdoor cameras. An internal Micro SD card captures the recordings and the unit connects directly to wifi. The mobile app works the same. I have never used the web browser for them. These cameras connect very quickly and you can set them up to record 24/7. Like many on here, you can put them in a window (without IR) and use them to record outside. However, recording audio won’t work well, because it will catch everything inside your house, lol.

In regards to watching live view…I want to make it clear that both indoor and outdoor cameras can be viewed live without issue. However, wired cameras have its advantages. Similar to the Floodlights vs the outdoor cams. Hope this helps!

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thanks for your very helpful response!

yes, i’ll be returning a bunch of the 2k pros i purchased given that i thought live viewing wouldn’t add to the drain on the battery if recording was disabled, but that doesn’t appear to be the case… also, lots of amazon reviewers have complained that live view with the 2k pros only lasts 3-5 minutes max and then stops when using the browser, which is apparently a battery preservation feature…

btw i noticed that the usb adapter that comes with the 2k indoor camera is rated at 5v/1a… i have several power strips that i like very much which accept both standard plugs and usb cables, the usb inputs on the power strips are rated at 5v/2.4a, can i use these inputs with the cameras or do i have to use the adapter?

thanks again!

@rob1263 For my indoor cams I use both the adapter/plug it came with and a few on a USB type (Costco) multi-plug outlet. They all work without any issues. I’ve read on here someone used a smart plug to disable the camera during certain times, so that’s an option too.

In regards to the outdoor 2K cameras, that’s why we were asking for more clarity. They definitely aren’t intended for 5+ minutes of viewing at a time because of the batteries. It’s possible, even if it stops, just click back into the camera and view it. But it will deplete much quicker. Wired cameras solve that problem.

I don’t think you will go wrong with the Eufy indoor camera. For about $50 and all it’s capabilities, it’s a win/win situation. I’ve even taken it traveling. All it needs is a solid wifi connection and you’re golden. I’m just waiting for a wired outdoor 2K camera from Eufy for 24/7 coverage.

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great stuff, very helpful!

re a wired outdoor camera from eufy, now that i have the all of the 2 pros i was thinking of just plugging them in permanently but that of course defeats the premium price paid for wireless… anyway, still struggling to understand why simply viewing live feeds drains the camera at the same rate as capturing the feed or, better put, why they were designed this way…

btw, can the indoor 2k cameras benefit from a wifi extender (i understand that the 2 pros can’t)?

thanks again!

@rob1263 You can always plug the wireless battery cameras. Eufy recently came out with a solar panel to help “top off” the battery so you won’t have to worry about the battery much. However, the camera would still be motion activated and I’m guessing the software would still cut you off at some time saying it will drain the battery. If it’s for occasional viewing throughout the day, it’s not an issue.

Battery cameras are just designed that way. They have flexibility cause you can put them up anywhere, but will be motion activated to conserve the battery overall. Even when you use the camera for live viewing, the battery is working to connect and show you an image and its audio. In the dark, the infrared lights are working. Even when the AI is detecting if the motion is real or false before it begins to record, the battery is still working, etc. It’s no different than a smartphone. I may not be using it to make phone calls or surf the internet…but every time my screen turns on, it’s using the battery. Do that for hours throughout the day, the battery meter will eventually go down and need to be charged.

I’m not sure about extenders for the 2K indoor cams, but I’m guessing it could help. I know the outdoor ones do not, because they are directly connected to the base and not to wifi.

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