2K Homebase2 wireless doorbell

Any new ideas to help me look at Live View without anyone being at the door? I have the 2K Homebase 2 and the S220 Video doorbell. Homebase2 has great 2.4g wifi signal to both the router and doorbell. I have reinstalled both multiple times. Also restarted my router. I do not have any issue when someone comes to the door. I get the notifications and view live if I hit the notifications. I have also changed settings for video quality and every other possible setting to see if I can view live when I just want to check. I have also looked at my router settings which all look good. The mac address for Homebase is not being blocked. I also have 2 other cameras that I can see live view anytime I go to my device page and click on the triangle to play… It also will not let me change the settings (says cannot connect -201), until I go outside and the camera comes on, then I can change the settings. Still waiting for Eufy to get back to me.

Hi, I see your doorbell has * Dual Power Options: Battery or non-stop power supply via a wired connection.
Which one are you using?
Though this shouldn’t really matter, because you should still be able to see Live View anyhow but, if you are using the wired connection to power the doorbell… For a test purpose detach the doorbell from its mount so that it’s operating on battery power only.
Place the doorbell somewhere close near the mount where it won’t detect any motion, wait 5 minutes and then see if you can access Live View.

Thank you, I did try that and still cannot see live view when no one is at the door. Eufy sent me out a new firmware update to see if that fixed the issue which it did not. I do not have it wired to doorbell because I kept having to turn power off at circuit then try everything I had been reading to try. I received another 1080 plug in C210 yesterday. I have even moved the 1080 C210 cameras to the doorbell location and they work fine. Hooked it up and like my other 2 C210 cameras it has no problem with the live view. I did speak to support today and we still can not get it to show live view unless someone is in front of camera. I am waiting to hear back from then. I am still in the 30 day return window.
Any other suggestions I would appreciate!!

Have you tried testing it with it closer to the HB3?

I’m beginning to think the S220 is defective in some way?

Reading your first post again you say the only way you are able to control / set any options / settings or view Live View is when the camera becomes active by motion detection. In other words when the camera has been woken it works fine.

It appears that in the dormant state, commands via the app are not being acknowledged by the doorbell to wake it up.
One way to determine that would be to ask to have a replacement doorbell shipped out.

I too am having the same issue and my doorbell is battery operated & I also got a replacement on due to thinking I gad a faulty one but still having issues