2k doorbell Google integration

Is the model E8210 supposed to integrate with Google?Tried loads of times but always says can’t reach eufy security, try again.
Switched 2FA security on and off. Not sure what 6 code pin to use. The instructions said use the Google pin, but that is only 4 numbers. Tried the eufy email code when switching on 2FA and loads of other attempted fixes.
Tried lots of other things…rebooting, logging in /out etc etc.
I contacted support and they told me the issue has been fixed.
Had enough of this kit now, not impressed! Thanks

I don’t use Google integration but, just to say… Did you go into the eufy app settings to initiate it to work with Google? No offense intended…

Hi thanks for replying. Yes saw that, doesn’t work. I’ll be sending back, its laggy and poor, will stick with Nest products even if they’re a bit more expensive.