2k doorbell changed transformer

Eufy sent a new transformer, but 2k doorbell camera still cant be add on app. It still says NOT compatible with the transformer even if i changed it with new transformer that Eufy sent. Im already losing my faith since its been a month i dont have a doorbell cam and that if ill still be able to make it work or not. Different brand has a new doorbell coming and i might jump into it and see if itll beat the eufy doorbell.

So, you are able to connect to the doorbell to the app when connected to the charging cable?
Glad to know that eufy even sent you a transformer and trying to fix the issue for you. I really doubt if the “other” brand would like to do this level of support.
I will recommend to contact support@eufylife.com again to see what is going on with your doorbell.

What charging cable? I have a 2k wired doorbell. And No, it still cant connect on the app after i changed the transformer and do all the troubleshooting. Its only been 5-6months i have this doorbell now wont even work as a add on security on my frontdoor.

how far away is your router.?

try take your door bell off , and setup close to your router for testing. can U add ?

what brand and model of your router?. try turn off 5ghz which pairing.

He has a wired doorbell. He cannot turn it on without connecting to the existing doorbell wires coming from stepdown transformer.

@Kunzy have you used the jumper provided to bypass the existing chime?

Router is just a wall away from our maindoor where i setup the eufy doorbell. I did a hard reset and nothing changed same thing i need to change transformer which i already did. I stillnuse the same wifi to the doorbell.

Have you bypassed the chime?
This may be a isolated case to your doorbell. Contact support@eufylife.com

if U have a multimeter, check the voltage to the doorbell first. 24volt or less.