2C spotlight with motion detection - light not staying on

Brand new owner here, arrived yesterday and we spent last night tweaking settings.

One of the main reasons we went for the 2C is that when motion was triggered that the camera would record AND the spotlight would come on, as a light deterrent as well as a message to any intruder that yes, your presence has been noticed.

However on testing we weren’t able to get this, even when on spotlight mode. In that mode, when motion was detected the camera would record fine but the spotlight would only come on for about 0.5/1 second and then go off again (!). Not remain on. I thought this was the entire point of the 2C over, say, the 2 or the E.

Can someone help remedy this issue? We have updated all cameras and homebases to their most recent firmware as of last night.


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The light will only stay on when motion is detected. Changing power manager to “Optimal Surveillance” may help - noting this will decrease battery life.

Also I recommend checking in “Motion Detection” and verify the area you are monitoring is inside the “Activity Zone”

You can also increase the sensitivity, I have mine set to 6.

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