2c pro cam won't add to homebase

Hi, trying to connect new eufycam 2c pro to homebase but no luck.

Is this the first camera you are adding?
Can you tell exactly how you try to ad the camera?

Yes 1st camera. Holding sync button as instructed, hearing beep…then just loading/searching and finally unable to add device message.

I assume you have created an account with Eufy?
Then you have chosen in the app: “add a device?”
And did you choose the right camera in the subsequent screen?
That is the only correct way to add a device.

Yes I have multiple devices on homebase, following the add device in app but still nothing

I just added (5 minutes ago) a new 2c Pro camera on my system and that worked fine. Sorry, i can’t help you. I think you should sent an e-mail to the helpdesk. I hope they wil respond quickly. (I asked a question 5 days before and got no answhere yet)

(Sorry for my poor English. I’m Dutch)

No problem at all. Thank you for your reply.

Same problem here, I just bought a 2C pro camera last week and my homebase just cannot find the device. I have tried all steps suggested but still not working

In addition, after both devices start pairing for a short period, I could hear the 2C Pro camera shut down somehow. I thought the camera battery was low but I have charged it overnight. Still cannot figure out what happened.

I had the same problem. Set the camera next to the home base to try the next day. In the middle of the night, the home base announced camera was paired. Very strange.