2C poor night vision

The night vision on my 2c cameras has seriously deteriorated. They only been up a week, started on but now show what just appears to be a smudge! Daylight is fine so it can’t be the lens? This is how it looks tonight… https://ibb.co/D9pt75f

Is there condensation on the lens? Might be worth wiping the camera lens tomorrow morning with a cloth and glass cleaner

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It appears to be but I have three cameras and they are all the same. Surely they should work at night without becoming obscured with condensation? It not practical if I have to get up a ladder every day to wipe the lens!

Yeah its defiantly not practical what’s so ever!! For the time being it might be worth turning off the night vision option as the inferred light might be also obscuring the viewing also.

It does seem to be the night vision, I turned it off, turned the spotlight on and it’s a clear picture.
So the IR is causing interference. Are these cameras supposed to be situated in the open and not under cover?

I’m not too sure, I think they just say to have them no more than 10ft off the ground. I have mine in the open.

I’m glad to have given you a temporary solution

Try using RainX plastic formula. The regular RainX will ruin the lens but they make a product for plastic that helps to reduce the condensation build-up and keeps the lens clean.


Will do thanks

My 2C cameras are the same with this recent rain at night.
I gave them a wipe down and that fixed it till the following night.
They don’t seem to get as affected as my Reolink Lumus though. That’s just as bad for rain at night, if not worse.