2C Motion Notifications

Can you get motion notification alerts sent to the homebase or to another external device other than a cell phone? I’m looking for an audible indicator of motion if I’m not in front of my phone.


I’m wondering about this too. Just noticed that the homebase only rings. I just moved from the ring products and the ring chime did both motion and rings

I am sorry but I don’t understand how notification without a screen to check it could be useful…

@jesuralem It would actually be very useful. When you turn your phone ringer off or you don’t have your phone with you, you may not know that Eufy is sending you notifications. If you have another device that can play a sound you will know to look at your phone to see what it going on. @dsilverman44 this is a very good idea!

@AnkerSupport do you think this might happen down the road?


Correct me if I’m wrong but you can setup the app on a tablet/IPad. So if your phone is on silent you can set it up on them while you’re in your home.

I think you can also set it up on Alexa to have it notify you of movement but if @AnkerSupport can confirm that would be appreciative.

I get notifications on my apple watch ,then I either go to my phone or tablet to view video.