2c detection range

Ok so 2 camera set up and working
But the detection range is horrible
My drive is 40 ft long but camera only detects no more that 10ft
I have tried every adjustment going , moved camera up down and angles but nothing??
Is this the best I can expect?
Is there a different camera that has longer range?

I am happily getting 10m detection range with my 2Cs. Detection is better for movement across the camera rather then towards.

Have you seen this guidance? http://community.anker.com/t/unlock-the-power-of-eufycam-2-2c-motion-detection/73660

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Hey @dug,

We have released a new firmware allowing you to position the Homebase without an internet cable connection to extend the wifi range. Please open the app and try the wifi connection via My device>Homebase Name>Homebase Settings>Connection>Wifi Setup.

You can then unplug the network cable and change the home base connection to WiFi, allowing you to move the Homebase closer to where the cameras are located. This should improve the connection issue, but if not, just let us know so we can offer further assistance.

If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

I am having the same issue, i keep messing with it too! Hopefully we can figure this out…so frustrating!

how does this relate to his question?

Mine only has about a 10 ft detection range also and I just setup mine this week and have the latest updates. Was hoping for a longer range.

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