2c cameras stopped recording at night

I have three 2c cameras. All worked as they should when installed a few weeks ago. About a week ago the system stopped recording at night. Nighttime security is the main reason I bought the eufy system. If it doesn’t work it’s pretty much useless, eh? I would love to get this system working like it should. There are quite a few queries from users experiencing similar issues and there don’t seem to be any resolutions forthcoming from eufy personnel. Do they even monitor these forums?

Current Homebase firmware version: and it says firmware is up to date.

So, eufy people, if you’re listening, how about a solution?

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Yes.I have the same issue with two different Homebase 2 units with 8 cams on one and 7 cams on the other. I use iOS 14.2 devices. Worked OK till yesterday.

Maybe if you included more info it would be easier to get help. You say your 2C cameras stopped recording at night. Can you use Live view? Is there nothing in the events? Have your motion or notifications settings changed. What kind of testing have you done to isolate the issue. Is your firmware current?

I have 8 cameras (2 2Cs) and multiple sensors and don’t have any issues with detection or recording day or night, so its not a universal issue.

Have you contacted support? They should be able to help you isolate the problem.

This is only the latest issue. I have contacted support for previous issues and the help that was forthcoming was of limited use.

If it weren’t for the fact that Live View works, I’d say its a connection issue between the cameras and the homebase or homebase to the app. In that case, your events and notifications should just arrive delayed, but still show up after your connection improves.

Your symptoms sound like what you would see if the system was switching to disarmed or away modes on a schedule. In that case, live view would still work, but all notifications and events would be suppressed.

I am assuming that you haven’t set anything like that up. Might not hurt to check and see what mode you are in and if there is a schedule set up. Just grasping at straws here, but the symptoms sure sound like something is suppressing notifications and that’s all I can think of.

Thanks for the response. I’ve checked the mode several times and it’s always been set to “Home.” I’ve been all over the settings trying to spot the cause with no luck. The frustrating thing is they were working when I first set up the system and nothing significant has been changed. One week it worked, then one day it just stopped recording at night. No settings were changed between those two points. The last system update was10-27 but this didn’t start happening until at least a week after that.

I looked at the firmware for my 2C cams and it had a minor subsystem version on 11-2. Is that around when you started having issues?

The major system version is 1.6.7 and it was updated on 9-15
but the subsystem is 1.0.72-20200820 and it was updated on 11-2.

My homebase version is the same as yours.

The update dates vary because they stagger releases.

If you have different versions of the cam software that could be significant.

I have run out of ideas at this point.

As for support, I have found that an email detailing the problem to support@eufylife.com usually gets more attention for a technical problem than talking to one of the helpdesk people.

Yeah, mine have the same numbers. I just fired off an email to support so we’ll see what happens. Again, thanks for your help.