2c cameras just so unreliable!

Hi, I’ve had my 2c setup for less than two weeks and have had nothing but issues.
I like that it was easy to get installed, but not much else.
Very glitchy, won’t record most motions let alone detect them.
Seems to work better at night, ( just ).
But daylight is ridiculously inefficient. So seems pointless having them as detections, recordings, and notifications are absent for humans, unless you’re a tree or a car !!
So disappointed as I had high hopes regards these after much research.
I had just been outside for a while and I wasn’t picked up by the cameras at all. But now I’m inside I’m getting notifications for cars, trees, etc.
I will be returning these and if anyone has any recommendations for a better system, I’d like to know. Thanks

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Before upgrading to the Eufy 2C cameras I was using the Arlo Pro & Pro 2 cameras for a few years. The Arlo cameras were great at first but declined rapidly once Netgear was no longer part of Arlo. Viewing notifications became hit and miss, more miss, took ages to open and view. Free 7 day cloud recordings but anything more is a extra cost. There are some great features which work, great notifications, instant, but takes time to actually view. Geofencing works automatically when set, worked with scheduling as well.

I’ve had my 2C cameras for a month now. Once setup it wasn’t ok, notifications was again hit and miss, viewing notifications was quick. Since the last Homebase update and tweaking the settings my notifications have been much better, but not perfect. From time to time I get a notification but cannot view, and it does not appear in the events? Still happens from time to time. In my opinion I still prefer the Eufy 2C cameras over the Arlo Pro 2’s, hoping over time the Eufy cameras will get better with firmware updates.

My eufy 2c cameras, purchased as a complete unit with home base on the 22.11.23 and installed on the 24.11.23 are absolutely unreliable and useless. Dose not always record events, even when set at the highest setting for detection they sometimes only detect movement when the object is within 2 meters of the sensor then it only detects some of the events, most of the time they do not detect movement when walking directly towards the camera. As they do not detect events I do not get notifications. How do I check the home base for upgrades and how do I check the cameras for upgrades?