2c cameras draining battery to fast

My 2c cameras are running down way to fast . I have put the settings to minimal. About Every 2 months im having to charge. I understand they should last 180 days on a full charge . Any advise would be welcomed.

Stop believing nonsense. I have a scooter that said it should get 125 miles per gallon…. It gets 50.

With that said…. What’s your cam looking at ?

Per eufy and their usage scenario…

For eufyCam 2/2 Pro, a fully charged camera can last for one year, and for eufyCam 2C/2C Pro, it can last for half-year, with these usage scenarios:

  • 68°F (20°C) temperature
  • 10 motion detections per day and recorded for 30 seconds each time motion was detected. (Standby power consumption is included in the usage time.)

​Battery life varies and depends on the number of times motion is detected, recording time duration, and environmental temperatures.

“Unfortunately I don’t see many folks having this type of scenario”

Thank you for your help . Kind Regards

OK I agree with you . The cameras are facing a main Rd watching my parked car . I have now turned the severity to low and altered the angle . Recharged yesterday. Will see how I get on . Kind Regards for help .

That’s a tough spot for a camera…. If your PIR sensor is triggering on passing cars on the main road … even if it doesn’t record that event it will still trash your battery life.

Shadows from tall trees were my issue with the 2c…. I switched to the cam pro 2 for better battery life…. And then went with the wired c24. Where I live there is no avoiding shadows.

They are a great product. Like you say got to be careful where fitted . Great to hear you got yours sorted in the end. Although more expense.

I have 10 eufy cameras…. I use them all. But…. I am patiently waiting for the new homebase and cameras. If I have vehicle and human AI…. That’s a game changer!!!