2c Cameras different versions showing

I have three 2c Cameras. Two have the same version numbers one has a different number. I have tried an update. It says up to date.
Also I have to uninstall and reinstall the app every few days to receive notifications. Events are recorded but I don’t get told! I have checked that all notification are on, that the app stays open etc. Anyone?

Two issues.

Eufy is on a rolling update schedule, so not all cams in a location get the same updates at the same time. My 2Cs are both on 1.7.4 firmware and were updated in early May. Checking for updates doesn’t seem to override the schedule.

As far as notifications goes, the biggest problem isn’t the app, it’s your phone. Both IOS and Android have battery saving routines that close your apps when they aren’t being actively used. Unfortunately, this can mess with notifications if the app is closed instead of sleeping.

In Android you can create a power saving exclusion by going into settings, general, battery, and power saving exclusions. This will let you give the Eufy app an exclusion. Depending on the Android version, the procedure varies a bit, but you can usually Google it for your Android version and find a procedure. IOS also has something like this, but I don’t have the details of how to set it up. That should fix your notification problem.

I have a mixture of 2C, 2 Pro cameras and three Homebase 2’s. Most are on the latest firmware updates, still waiting for the others to update? The Eufy updates are hit and miss unfortunately. I have 2C cameras on the 1.7.4 firmware but only some are showing the privacy zones in the settings? Strange?

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All my 2C’s are the same version (1.7.4) and subsystem and all have Privacy Zones. Do you have the lastest App? The Privacy Zone setting probably requires an update to the app to show the new setting in the menu.