2c camera notification lag

Hi. I’ve had my eufycam set up for over a year now and am pretty happy with it, but have noticed an ever increasing lag in receiving the notification of motion. It was fine when I first had it, but now I’d say the doorbell rings about 30 seconds before I receive the notification. I get the full recording, from the point the subject enters the activity zone and triggers the camera until they leave or the recording times out, but it’s no good to talk to someone with a parcel (for example). I see them on screen and try to talk to them, but in real time they are back in the van and driving away.

Please share your homebase firmware version with us.

Hi, where do i find this?

In the homebase seting i see “check for firmware update”, when i click it says “Firmware is up to date”

System version =
Subsysten version = 1.3.09

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