2c Camera ‘Fogging’ On Night Vision

My 2C camera keeps appearing to go ‘foggy’ at night whilst on infrared.
It’s definitely not actually fogging, as I can turn it onto Spotlight mode and it works fine. I can also see and read my vans number plate through the ‘fog’ as well…
The camera is above my front door, but by some distance.
Any ideas?

Welcome to my world. I live in Seattle… this is normal. And you answered your own question… spotlight is the answer. I’m so happy that some of my cams have the spotlight option. They cut through muck.

Thanks for the reply. It just seems a tad strange that it was fine when I got home… then fogged up for some reason

@sambclifford I’ve had problems as well with my Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pro when there is moisture in the area. Normally, the infrared lights can project up to 30-40 feet. However, when there’s mist in the camera’s area, it’s no where near that.

I believe it’s the IR lights bouncing and reflecting off of these layers of moisture that sometimes causes that bright light which seems like it’s only lighting 3 feet way, lol. It could also be that the moisture is not allowing the IR lights to project far enough to brighten the area. Now it doesn’t mean the moisture has to be thick enough to see with the naked eye. It can also be subtle and something the IR lights pick up and are effected by.