2C Camera Firmware won't update

I have a 2 camera 2C kit. The homebase and ONE of the cameras updated a few days ago. The second camera says it has an update available but it never properly applies and is still showing the old firmware. Is there any way to force the upgrade? I tried deleting the camera and re-adding it but that made no difference.


Try it with the USB plugged into the wall, your batt % may be too low to risk it and its getting stopped.

What is the updated camera firmware version

For my EufyCam2 would be 2.5.9, I made a firmware update 5 days ago and it was plugged in into usb while at it.

Well, I tried it after a full charge and delete/reconnect and no go. My other C2 camera has 1.6.1 firmware and this one KNOWS there is a new firmware available, it just doesn’t seem to “take” when I try and upgrade.

Might try a support ticket next as this was a beta testing unit.

Same problem. Ever figure it out?