2C Camera condensation issue

I’ve had my cameras around a week and whenever the temperature drops 2 of my 3 cameras seem to condensate (on the outside, it can be wiped off but reforms). The 3rd camera is located under my porch and doesn’t seem to be effected, just the ones on open exposed walls.

Has anybody else had this? They’re supposed to be rated for winter use etc but at the moment they don’t seem fit for purpose. I previously had a Netatmo outdoor camera and never had this issue.

@rammwc316 I have the same issues. Cameras under coverings or walkways that stay warmer work fine, those cameras exposed to the elements in open areas get dew or moisture near the camera lens and make them appear to be foggy. Motion detection still works, but the image is less than quality.

Exactly the same issue, I have 2 and both doing this. I have reported it so see what they say. You surely can’t be expected to go and wipe the camera every night.!

The up rating of the camera makes it weatherproof

What happens on the outside is nature and unavoidable

Could have a bird poop on lends, wpuldnt make them unfit for use